Virtual Care and Beyond: The Advent of Omnichannel Care

What have we learned from a year of rapid (manic?) virtual care and telehealth adoption?

This webinar will take place on June 22nd at 1pm ET. Register now with the form to the right >

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As the burden of COVID-19 on the American health care system eases, questions are emerging surrounding the future of the virtual care ecosystem. Elevated to new heights through market forces driven by the pandemic, the need for remote and home care continues to grow – but in what capacity?

As part of a system of omnichannel care, virtual care can play a vital role in the long-term relationships that occupy most of the modern healthcare system.

Join us for a discussion about different approaches to integrating virtual care into the clinical workflow, emerging best practices, and considerations for planning your own implementation strategy. 

Our panelists for this roundtable:

High level talking points include:
  • The unique challenges to providing omnichannel and integrated virtual care;
  • How to effectively use data generated during each step of the omnichannel care process to monitor outcomes and adjust care plans as needed;
  • Identifying opportunities to leverage analytics and technology to improve the healthcare experience for patients and providers;
  • Benefits and challenges of working with patients beyond a traditional care setting.