2017 Clinician Network Management Market Trends Report

In the past, messaging-based and document-centric models of health information exchange helped healthcare organizations (HCO) coordinate resources across networked communities of clinicians to enhance care delivery. This report concludes that such approaches have reached the limits of their effectiveness. The advent of value-based care is driving the need to assess risk for a population and effectively manage that risk across a distributed clinical care delivery network. This requires far richer, diverse information flows across a greater diversity of market participants.

In early 2014, Chilmark Research’s groundbreaking research on CNM (Free Report: Migration to Clinician Network Management) uncovered an industry undergoing massive transformation at a rate that outpaced the vendor community’s ability to deliver solutions. This gap between industry needs and vendor products has widened since then, in part because most products are tied to an approach and a technology stack that does not take advantage of modern development and integration ideas.

The vendors profiled are deeply committed to making healthcare data more broadly available and useful around the healthcare system. Since our last CNM Market Trends Report these vendors have evolved their offerings to include more data types supplying a wider range of applications. Social and behavioral data is being incorporated and supplied to the point of care and for risk profile development and predictive analytics. Patient-reported data from wearables and devices is also being gradually incorporated into product plans. Most vendors also want to make this data available for new computing capabilities such as predictive modeling, machine learning, and cognitive computing.

The technical approach advocated in this report involves leaving health data closer to where it was created and making it available to a range of diverse applications and users via APIs. Organizations should also be able to provision data based on application need. This approach, widespread outside healthcare, represents a more effective way to supply and consume data. It also offers a better way to accomplish development and integration goals. Such an approach will better support value-based healthcare and simplify what has evolved into notoriously complex implementation and maintenance efforts.

Vendors Profiled: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc; CareEvolution; Cerner Corporation; Epic Systems Corporation; InterSystems Corporation; Medicity (Aetna); Orion Health; RelayHealth.

Number of Pages: 60

Published: February 2017

Author: Brian Murphy

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