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CAS: Expertise-as-a-Service

In-depth and on-call insights about health IT market trends

The Chilmark Advisory Service (CAS) is a premium, annual subscription that provides a steady feed of research on the most pertinent trends in the adoption and use of healthcare IT. Our analysts provide objective insights into market trends that healthcare leaders rely on to make informed, confident decisions that will move their organization forward

What's included:

  • Access to Chilmark's Analyst team for inquiries regarding strategic initiatives and market trends that impact your business.
  • Client portal containing complete library of Chilmark reports.
  • Steady stream of client-only articles addressing latest events in the industry.
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Lighthouse Program for Provider SMEs

Actively seeking additional SMEs to bolster our research

The Lighthouse Partner Program is Chilmark Research's way of giving back to the community of healthcare leaders that we interview for our research. In exchange for time spent sharing expert insights with our team, we offer qualifying organizations credits to use towards acquiring our research

Benefits of the program:

  • FREE licenses to any report for which your organization's expertise is consulted.
  • Earned credits towards custom work and other research publications.
  • Access to the analyst team for inquiries and market updates.
  • Client-exclusive articles.
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Path to Value short cover with shadowA Value Chain Model for PHM

Focus group research highlights need to define 'Value'

FREE research report sharing what we learned from senior healthcare executives leading population health management (PHM) programs about how they define the ROI of their initiatives. Primary research content via web surveys and focus group interviews.

What's covered:

  • Why you want to launch a PHM program now to remain competitive;
  • How to use the new Value Chain Model for PHM to help in defining success for your organization;
  • Discuss and define the 5 critical components that are required to ensure program success: Lead, Organize, Engage, Communicate, and Monitor & Optimize. 

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Looking for something else?

Chilmark's bespoke Custom Services might be the missing piece to solidifying your strategy.

There are times you may require highly detailed research services to address a strategic need or objective. Our research services provide in-depth examinations into a specific area of the market as it relates to your company and its strategic initiatives. Chilmark Research performs targeted concierge research for companies and organizations that are seeking the perspective of an independent third party.

To learn more about our work and discuss how we might be of service to your organization, please complete the form below: