Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare Report

AI and ML have become top of the radar emerging technologies over the past two years. In this report we will analyze this trend and where we see the greatest impact now and in the coming years. Our report will begin with a brief description of the drivers behind the trend and an overview of the various types of AI/ML. We will then examine the core areas of business operations and clinical care where AI/ML are currently being deployed along with some of the leading vendors in each of the following spaces:

  • Business Operations: Billing, Prior Authorizations, Supply Chains, Payment Integrity
  • Clinical Decision Support: Radiology, Pathology, Diagnosis, Treatment Pathways
  • Consumer Facing Applications: self-triage, behavioral health, chronic disease management, bots
  • Research: precision medicine, clinical trials recruitment, data analysis

After our analysis of the current landscape we provide an analysis of the evolution of the market for AI/ML in healthcare. This segment explores current state of the art of validation (as a major step towards scaling up AI/ML) and an analysis of how we see the startup and larger organization assets in AI/ML evolving. An important aspect of the evolution is the growth of AI/ML offerings in the cloud and emergence of algorithm marketplaces. Our report concludes with some of the challenges stemming from the growing concern for bias and efforts to address transparency in black box algorithms, possible implications in the regulatory sphere, and organizational readiness for AI/ML. We also will provide some insights from large scale AI efforts in China such as iCarbonX and implications for the US market.

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