Artificial Intelligence Benchmark Report

We are in the early days of utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare across both business and clinical functions. Benchmarking offers a way to assess the overall maturity rate for adoption of these tools as well as relative performance across different domains. The development of a benchmarking framework can also provide a broad guide to the fundamental processes of adopting new technologies. Chilmark Research will be conducting a benchmarking study to evaluate the overall progress of adoption and some performance metrics that we view as central to the overall AI/ML process. In the report we will assess the following broad areas:

  • Data preparation and governance for AI/ML adoption
  • Human resources capacity in-house/external partners
  • Proper identification of relevant use cases and processes involved
  • Engagement of stakeholders in development and implementation
  • Training and validation of algorithms and assessment of patient safety and privacy issues
  • Explainability and risk management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Impact or ecosystem validation of application on workflows
  • Post-market analysis and performance measures

The report will involve key informant interviews with industry leaders currently involved in developing and implementing AI/ML applications. We will also develop a healthcare specific maturity model based on insights from the research.

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