Driving Speed to Value: Three Approaches to Population Health Management

Watch Jennifer Rogers' webinar on this report, reviewing the specific example of the Marshfield Clinic Health System and their subsidiary, MCIS:

This report delves into three case studies of different population health management strategies, examining the clinical and technology models. This research project is intended to increase PHM speed to value, helping to identify optimal health IT (HIT) enablement. The report combines the findings from these case studies with additional primary and secondary research to distill common themes and provide recommendations for other HCOs considering or already deploying a PHM strategy of their own.

The approaches taken by our three case study HCOs to PHM highlight a stark contrast in PHM strategies and technology models.

  • Trenton Health Team: Community collaborative and health information exchange that relies on a single-sourced HIT vendor;
  • Partners Healthcare: Large regional health system that has taken an extremely broad build-and-buy HIT portfolio approach;
  • Marshfield Clinical Health System: Vertically integrated health system that has developed and deployed a proprietary electronic health record and PHM integrated technology platform.

Recognizing there will never be a one-size-fits-all model that generates positive outcomes across all metrics, there is much to be learned from these early adopters that have been implementing PHM strategies for five or more years.

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For a full analysis on the technology available to suport PHM strategies, see our 2018 PHM Market Trends Report.

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