Precision Medicine Market Scan Report

Excitement over the prospect of precision medicine has long inspired the expectation that we will someday all benefit from specially tailored medical treatments. As this reality has come into view, some health IT innovators have targeted this opportunity to facilitate this complex addition to clinical practice or other layers of healthcare. Precision medicine has been well-defined in a long-term embodiment, but short-term efforts that are viable first steps have adopted the term to apply to often substantially different offerings.

A large portion of this report will be dedicated to characterizing the market as segments, definitions to leverage and the opportunities current players have taken to make progress and illustrate value. We will discuss the landscape with vendor examples and other market stakeholders, accounting for the impact of evolution in sequencing, therapeutics development, digital profiling capability and others for context and consideration of new business models. Finally, we will offer perspective about the next evolution based on these vendor efforts and converging capabilities in analytics, AI, and new platforms for care management or population health management.

Vendors profiled: 2bPreciseActX, Color GenomicsEpicEdico GenomeFlatironGNS Healthcare, IBM Watson Health, IntersystemsKanteron SystemsOrion HealthPrecision Health AISyapse, Tempus, Verily


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