Know of a compelling, informative Convergence story?

Nominate a speaker or apply to tell your own story!

If you or someone you know has a unique perspective on provider-payer convergence strategies and their successful execution, please consider applying as a speaker for our 2018 conference. This event is designed for high-level healthcare executives looking for pragmatic insights into the successful design and implementation of convergence strategies, and how to best leverage health IT to support their goals for value-based care. 

As you consider this important issue and possible participation in our conference, please keep the following guidelines in mind. Proposals that best meet these criteria will be given preference during the selection process. 

  • All presentation proposals MUST directly address the topic of convergence, novel approaches to serving the needs of populations, and/or best practices for success in value-based care. Case studies and concrete outcome results are encouraged.
  • Speakers should be from either payer or provider organizations and C-suite level executives; others will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Vendor executives will only be considered if they have recently held a position at a payer or provider in a role related to convergence. Payer is defined broadly and includes employers and government officials.
  • Speakers and sessions must be non-promotional. Vendors, service providers, and their products may be mentioned, but the focus of a presentation must remain on convergence strategies and sharing practical insights with event attendees. 
  • Presentations should fit into our prepared agenda (please click the link for more details).

Speaker Proposal